Montgomery Wards

Wards was one of the original anchor stores at Apache, staying until 1980. Furniture Barn took its place for a while, but now its entry has been closed off.

An artist's rendering of Wards exterior as it looked for the 1961 Grand Opening (courtesy Apache Plaza):

Here's that same corner of the mall, as it looked 42 years later.

Here's how the Wards store entrance inside the mall looked in July 2003, already sealed off for several years.

In the 1980's part of Wards was rebuilt into another section of stores, including the Get It For Less discount store, whose vacated interior is shown here.

This photo is from a busy weekend at the mall in the early 1990's. The entrance to Wards appears to be covered up at this point (photo courtesy Apache Plaza)

Some coupons from a June 1977 circular. CB Radios were all the rage at the time (courtesy Apache Plaza):

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