Here are some links that I've found that pertain to Apache Plaza:

An interesting article someone forwarded to me, from CNN Money:

Malls: Death of an American Icon

The City of St Anthony, home to Apache Plaza:

St. Anthony Village website

City Pages has named Apache Plaza the Best Mall in the Twin Cities, 2003!

City Pages article

The Recent Past Preservation Network is a great site. It includes a section on our famed Mall:

Recent Past Preservation Network

Eastern Conneticut University has a nice page on Shopping Mall History:

Shopping Mall History

Local film company, Cine-Magic films, have finished work on "The Day Robert DeNiro Met James Caan", shot on location at Apache Plaza! Stay tuned to this site for updates on this exciting new movie, and in the meantime check out the trailer here:

Trailer: "The Day Robert DeNiro Met James Caan"

Here's a great site dedicated to fallen shopping centers. Some pretty interesting stuff here: