When Apache opened, the space that would become Lancer was a store called "Three Sisters", and Lancer's was located in the space that would become Mary & Me in the 1970s. The Three Sisters/Lancer space was demolished along with Woolworth's in the 1990's, but the Lancer sign's "faux roof" design (for lack of a better description) remained, and was simply painted over as seen in the first two pictures. A portion of the green "Mannequin" store entrance can be seen on the right.

A 1988 photo of Lancer and Manequin from a local newspaper:

Lancer employees on Apache's ever-popular pajama day, 1987. Someone needs to tell the dude on the right to put on some slacks!:

Here's a great photo of the original Three Sisters store in the early 1960s (courtesy Apache Plaza).

A Lancer's print ad from the 1961 Grand Opening: