Herberger's (1987-present)
Home Base Liquidation Center (81-84?)
Van Arsdell's (1972-?)
Rothchilds/Young Quinlan (1961-1972)



On July 30th, 1987, Herberger's opened at Apache Plaza.  Herberger's, in my opinion, is Apache's true champion store, as it arguably saved the mall from destruction in the 90's.  Without Herberger's Apache would have likely been demolished after Penney's left.   Instead of jumping ship when the chips were down, Herberger's stuck it out until the bitter end.   Let's hope that Herberger's is included as part of the plans for the new shopping center.

The official invite for Herberger's Ribbon Cutting Ceremony:

Herberger's invite

Newspaper ad for the Grand Opening Calendar of Events:
Herberger's Grand Opening

On October 19, 2003 I visited Apache on the 42nd anniversary of its Grand Opening.  I purchased a Christmas ornament at Herberger's.
Here's my receipt:

10/19/03 receipt       bingo anyone?  
                                                                                    Chairs and tables lined up outside of Herberger's for a Bingo game, September 2003.
Van Arsdell's