Cost Cutters

Here's a shop that kept its original signage intact until 2004. I'm not certain when it closed, but I believe it opened in 1985 after the tornado cleanup. The entrance is just inside the Southeast mall doors (as seen in second picture).

This is the completely deserted hallway leading to Cost Cutters, the third store in on the right. Over the years the other stores in this hallway included "Happiness Is...", and possibly American Family Insurance and Nutrition World. The store on the left was Connco Shoes, with large display windows reminiscent of the ones at Van Arsdell's (which became Herberger's). The large Get It For Less discount store is seen here at the end of the hallway.

Here's an ad from July 1986, the store's one year anniversary (courtesy Apache Plaza):

A Halloween photo from the 1980's: