Apache Plaza!

 Apache Plaza Shopping Center
3800 Silver Lake Road, St. Anthony Village, Minnesota

October 19, 1961 - January 31, 2004
Website Established July 18, 2003

Hello and thanks for stopping by my Apache Plaza Tribute site!

Apache Plaza, the second enclosed shopping mall built in Minnesota, was demolished in Spring, 2004.
It has been replaced by
"Silver Lake Village", a new residential and retail complex.  
You can read all the official news at the city's website

I've received many emails from a lot of folks around the country who grew up with Apache Plaza and, like myself, have a fascination and/or
emotional attachment to this mall.  Please take a moment, if you're so inclined, to sign the guestbook and share your own
Apache Plaza memories.   Also, if you have any pictures of Apache (particularly pics dated prior to and including the Tornado of '84),
that you'd be willing to share with the online Community, drop me a line at the webmaster email below, OK?

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