Apache Medical Complex

"Ready for you and your doctor, FALL 1966"
With the newly built Apache Office Park, Apache Sports and Health Club, and the brand new Medical Complex, Apache Plaza's ammenities just kept growing.  Like its predecessor Southdale, Apache now had its own medical complex.  If you've ever seen Southdale's medical building you'll know it looks very similar to Apache's.  According to recent materials promoting the new Silver Lake Village housing and retail complex, the Medical Complex (which has also been called the "Apache Medical Arts Building") is one of the few Apache buildings not to be demolished as part of the new development. 

The barn in the first photo, shown in flames in the second photo, was cleared to make way for
Apache's new Medical Complex (ground broke for the complex in November, 1965).
The first physician to sign on as tenant was podiatrist Franklin H. Haws, who continued his practice in the medical building for many years. 
Dr. Haws' and his wife Phyllis would later own and run the popular Create A Flavor ice cream shop in Apache Plaza. 

   (Thanks to Franklin HawsJr. for submitting these first two historic photos!)  
Medical Complex

burning down the barn

The building as it looked in the summer of 2003:

Apache Medical Complex

Medical complex