The 1970s

Despite the unwelcomed arrival of nemesis Rosedale Center in neighboring Roseville, the 1970's continued to be a prosperous time for Apache Plaza. The mall still held the crown as the "Center of the Community", hosting numerous events, and even bringing in the occasional celebrity.

Marlo Thomas made a promotional stop to Apache (around 1976), speaking at both Minnesota Fabrics and in the center court. (courtesy Apache Plaza)

That Girl!

The legendary Captain Kangaroo also made an appearance at Apache. If anyone can confirm the year of this photo let me know! (courtesy Apache Plaza)

Captain Kangaroo

Photos from what appears to be either a fashion or talent show in 1975 (courtesy Apache Plaza).

Fashion show 75

I don't know who this band is, but they look like they ROCK! This is assumedly from a 1976 Bicentennial celebration of some sort. Note the lps and 8-tracks for sale at the front of the stage! (courtesy Apache Plaza)

Spirit of '76

A polaroid taken after plowing from a major snow storm, 12/3/78. This is one of the entrances to Montgomery Wards, on the Southeast corner of the mall.

Snow Daze