The 1960's

Here is a 1962 photo of a dog show (courtesy Apache Plaza). Such events were very common (and very popular) at the mall.

dog show
This photo, from the Minnesota Historical Society, is of a cooking show in 1963. Shopping malls in the 60's and 70's were well known for such shows, and as you can see in the photo, customers came in droves.

cooking show

An undated photo of a petting zoo. It's pretty safe to say that the kids enjoyed these events more than the animals did (photo courtesy Apache Plaza).

an evil petting zoo?

It's no secret that Apache Plaza exploited Native American stereotypes, and this picture is no exception. Here we see Apache Plaza workers celebrating 1967's "Tomahawk Days". Certainly not one of the mall's finer moments (courtesy Apache Plaza).

Tomahawk '67